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Welcome to Foot Focus Podiatry in Perth

Get a professional diagnosis and treatment of your feet, ankle and related lower limb concerns

General Podiatry

We are the place to come if you have a painful corn / callus or wart (verrucae), fungal nails (onychomycosis) or a persistent ingrown toenail or if you just can’t manage your nails. Make an appointment now for a quick solution to your problem.

Hands on Clinic

We are amazingly created and all parts link together. To discover more how this is so you need to see a podiatrist who is hands on with their assessment and treatment, not a podiatrist who simply asks questions.


The big question is where are your foot / leg problems originating from – your feet, your back or even your neck? This is what we try to determine with our assessment tools by treating you as a whole person not just assessing you from the knee down.


As children and toddlers grow and develop they can suffer from a range of foot problems. We believe by assessing children’s feet early in their lives that any issues can be picked up and addressed before becoming more problematic. Prevention is always better than cure!


Where conservative treatment has failed for ingrown toenail and wart treatment then Reza is able to perform foot surgery in the rooms of Foot Focus in Wilson. Surgery for ingrown toenail and warts can be organised on your initial appointment if pre-arranged.

Heel Pain / Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain can be excruciating. It often start as a ‘bruised feeling’ when weight bearing in the morning or when getting out of a chair or car. There is strong link between the amount of time you spend on your feet, your body weight and loss of flexibility in your ankle (ankle equinus).

Planning your first visit? Find out exactly what to expect here.

Have you ever wondered if you need orthotics?

All these questions can be answered and solved here at Foot Focus Podiatry. We, as a practice value orthotics and their crucial role in addressing poor foot / leg posture / function and biomechanics but strongly believe that a lot of people don’t need orthotics long term if their joints and muscles are assessed and treated.

Real people talking about the Foot Focus difference

"Excellent Service. I am about to undertake a 300km walk and Brent is doing an excellent job in assisting me in fixing up my toe, calf and knee issues."

Lee Loughnan

"After numerous attempts at getting my sore foot sorted at the Doctors, Brent took one look at my corn and removed it. No fuss, no pain just a prompt diagnosis and quick action."

Anita Ossevoort

"I've been going to these guys for the past 7-8 years and I've always been extremely satisfied with their professional service. I've had several issues with me feet, ankles and knees over the years, mostly due to my flat feet and years of basketball trauma, but I find these guys have a great knack of putting things right again."

Oliver Heggers

"For years I had a niggling ankle injury that my GP had told me to learn to live with. After a couple of sessions with the podiatrists at Foot Focus Podiatry it was vastly improved. I even took up running after that! Great podiatrists! They really know their stuff and really care about getting your injuries sorted."

Jill Cronin

"Excellent business both through customer service and professional consult and attention. Podiatrist seek to not only attend and fix symptoms but rectify source of problem. I highly recommend!"

Pam Micke

Foot Focus Podiatry
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We are located in Perth (south of the river) in Wilson, which is neighboured by Curtin University, Como, Manning, South Perth, Victoria Park, Bentley, St James, Cannington / Carousel, Riverton, Shelley, Ferndale, Lynwood, Parkwood, Willetton and surrounding suburbs.

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Get a professional diagnosis and treatment of your feet, ankle and related lower limb concerns.

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