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Tanya Pfitzner

Tanya has provided natural complimentary health solutions since 1997. Following personal benefits, Tanya is now passionate about working with people to promote optimal health utilizing a variety of modalities. Her exceptional skills, enhanced by on-going commitment to further training and instruction, have resulted in a strong private practice.

Tanya offers a personalised and caring service across all ages, including clients with disabilities. Not only has Tanya’s service moved from Narrogin in the country to metropolitan Perth but also progressed from practitioner to instructor to Principal of Fascial Kinetics (February 2019).


Practitioner in: Fascial Kinetics – Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Mineral Salts, Blackroll ® Move Trainer

Instructor: Fascial Kinetics – Bowen Therapy, Nerve and Hormone Dynamics

Principal: Fascial Kinetics, International


Fascial Kinetics (Bowen Therapy): A series of selectively placed moves are executed to address the fascia tissue lying between the muscles and the skin. These simple and non-invasive moves stimulate the body’s own healing response of the connective tissue and can affect profound physical and holistic changes in people’s well-being. Bowen Therapy can be done through light clothing.

Reflexology – is a relaxing form of massage used to relieve tension, improve circulation, releasing blockages and treat illness, using reflex points on the feet that is linked to every part of the body.

Nerve Dynamics – Using muscles and nerves in a combined approach this therapy enhances the body’s inherent ability to self-heal a wide range of problems by profoundly amplifying the effects of a Bowen treatment.

Hormone Dynamics – This treatment is very effective to relieve symptoms resulting from an imbalance of the hormonal system.

Additional training and qualifications include the use of:

Mineral Salts

It is difficult to keep our body and mind balanced through our hectic daily commitments. If a lifestyle imbalance occurs, the immune system can be affected which can lead to specific bodily dysfunctions. Through biochemic study and understanding the chemical processes in the body, the use of 12 essential minerals can be applied to help harmonise and regulate chemical processes in the body’s cells through supplementation with the specific minerals that are deficient.

Blackroll ® Move Trainer Tools: These Fascia Training Tools that can offer people of all ages and sports levels the possibility to improve their flexibility, balance, and strength by doing simple exercises and applying self-massage.

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