Metatarsal dome / pad how it helps forefoot pain

Kinetic Changes in the Forefoot With Metatarsal Pad and Domes There are many common forefoot conditions to prescribe a metatarsal pad or dome such as: Metatarsalgia Morton’s neuroma Plantar plate tear / rupture Synovitis of the MPJ’s Capsulitis of the MPJ’s Corn Sesamoiditis Stress fractures Freiberg disease Midfoot arthritis Please read for a technical look

How Do you Know If you Really Need Orthotics

Maybe you have tried orthotics before, but for some reason, they have just never been comfortable and you ended up never wearing them. You spent hundreds of dollars for something you don’t find useful nor comfortable and wondered if you really need them in the first place.  We are the place to come to clarify this

Archies Support Orthotic Thongs

They are not your typical thongs! Archies Orthotic Thongs are designed by a Physiotherapist who saw the need for supportive thongs. They are great to wear when you are not wearing your orthotics, giving you a break from your standard shoes and some fresh air, while still giving some substantial support. They are super comfy, supportive

Article on the worst shoe advice parents receive, according to Podiatrist Gaby Tan

Have a read of the article in Kidspot on “the worst shoe advice parents receive”, according to our Podiatrist Gaby Tan. Our Podiatrist Gaby Tan has helped write an informative article that covers important advice for when choosing shoes for your children.  The article also goes over some of the common mistakes and incorrect advice


Brent Radford, the owner of Foot Focus Podiatry, had the privileged of working with Rebecca Rushton at Esperance Podiatry as his first position upon graduating from Curtin University. Since opening Foot Focus Podiatry in 2000, he has always been keen to learn about (and stock) podiatry foot products that work. When it comes to blisters,

How we are helping keep you safe

  Extra steps we are taking to help keep you safe while at Foot Focus Podiatry: We have reduced the number of Podiatrists on at one time, so the clinic is quieter. The seating in the waiting room is reduced and spread out for social distancing. We have removed reading material and children’s toys in

What You Need To Know About Podiatrist Insoles

What You Need To Know About Podiatrist Insoles Walking is something we must do to move. Did you know people over 18 years old usually walk around 4,000 – 18,000 steps per day? Some of you might walk less than that. But I believe and you may have heard about the suggestion about walking 10,000

Have you ever wondered if you need orthotics?

Have you ever wondered if you need orthotics? Or will orthotics help your knees, hip, or back? Maybe you have tried orthotics and they have just never been comfortable.  Or the orthotics never fitted your shoes? Or do you really need custom-made orthotics (which cost hundreds of dollars) or would off-the-shelf orthotics customized to your

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