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How we are helping keep you safe

We hope this finds you well in this interesting time.

This is a short email to let you know what we are doing at Foot Focus Podiatry to maintain our safety and hygiene during this health conscious period.

All of our team are regularly washing their hands and using hand sanitiser. Our Podiatrists are wiping their work areas with disinfectant after every patient.

In reception we are regularly be wiping down the reception bench, eftpos machine and door handles with disinfectant. There is also hand sanitiser available for patients to use.

We have changed to disposable paper towels in the bathroom.

In addition to this, we are doing the easy things for ourselves that we suggest for you as well. Plenty of sleep, good food and exercise.

Should you are feel apprehensive chat with our staff. Podiatrists can wear a mask if this helps give you peace of mind.

If you have any signs/symptoms of illness, or if you are in a period of selfquarantining, please do not come into this clinic.

More information on Covid-19 you can visit the website.

Yours in Health
From the team at Foot Focus Podiatry

stop_the_spread How we are helping keep you safe

Have you ever wondered if you need orthotics?

Have you ever wondered if you need orthotics? Or will orthotics help your knees, hip or back? Maybe you have tried orthotics and they have just never been comfortable.  Or the orthotics never fitted your shoes? Or do you really need custom-made orthotics (which cost hundreds of dollars) or would off-the-shelf orthotics customised to your feet be sufficient for your condition? (Ranging from $55-$139).

All these questions can be answered and solved here at Foot Focus Podiatry.  We as a practice value orthotics and their crucial role in addressing poor foot / leg posture / function and biomechanics but strongly believe that a lot of people don’t need orthotics long term if their joints and muscles are assessed and treated.

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We are located in Perth (south of the river) in Wilson, which is neighboured by Curtin University, Como, Manning, South Perth, Victoria Park, Bentley, St James, Cannington / Carousel, Riverton, Shelley, Ferndale, Lynwood, Parkwood, Willetton and surrounding suburbs.

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