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How Do you Know If you Really Need Orthotics

Maybe you have tried orthotics before, but for some reason, they have just never been comfortable and you ended up never wearing them. You spent hundreds of dollars for something you don’t find useful nor comfortable and wondered if you really need them in the first place.  We are the place to come to clarify this for you.

At Foot Focus Podiatry in Perth, we as a practice value orthotics and their crucial role in addressing poor foot/leg posture/function and biomechanics. However, not everyone needs orthotics long term if their joints and muscles issues are assessed and treated accordingly. The important difference with Foot Focus Podiatry is that even if we believe you will benefit from custom-made orthotics, we like to trial semi-custom-made orthotics (which cost approximately $70) first to make sure.  This way you won’t end up wasting your money again!


How do you Know If your Joint and Muscles are Working as They Should be? Or Whether your Foot Type is Likely to Cause Problems?

At Foot Focus Podiatry we pride ourselves on treating you holistically.  Not only do we look at your feet, but we consider your knees, lower legs, pelvis, and back.  We are confident in assessing your muscles and joints to ensure things are working as they should be using advanced skills, such as soft-tissue techniques, manual techniques, joint mobilizationtrigger point therapy, and Strain-Counterstrain.  So, if after visiting us and there is no tightness, discomfort, or pain in your muscles and joints, and you have no signs of problems, such as arthritis, bunions, or hammertoes, then you probably don’t need orthoses.

So, you need orthotics, but which one do you get?

Depending on the issue and severity of the case, each person requires a different level of control. In most cases, semi-customized orthotics are all that is needed.  There are certain conditions that require specific features that can only be achieved through custom-made orthotics.

Why do we use semi-customized orthotics in most cases?

According to the research papers, there is no significant difference in using off-the-shelf or customized orthotics to treat certain conditions, as long as the orthotics have been adjusted accordingly.  Semi-customized orthotics are off-the-shelf orthotics, which can be adjusted to help any foot type and pain and can be dispensed to you on the day of your appointment. This allows for immediate intervention for your symptoms and provides significant biomechanical change when compared to strapping, which is often used for symptom relief.

With prices ranging from $70 to $139, it is a good way to trial orthotics before spending your money on fully customized orthotics. Semi-customized orthotics are more of a realistic prescription aid for casted customized orthotics. If you are going to wear orthotics for the rest of your life, we would like to ensure that they are of the correct fit, help your muscles and joints biomechanical functions, and comfortable for the long term.

When do we use customized orthotics?

Customized orthotics are made by taking an imprint of your feet (scan) and molding the orthotics based on the imprint. In other words, they are customized just for you. Generally, they are reserved for those that present with severe foot types (e.g. very flat-footed or very high arch), previous trauma to foot and leg (eg. motor vehicle accident), or for those who wear a certain type of footwear that make fitting into semi-customized orthotics tricky. They are also more durable than semi-customized orthotics.

As they can be expensive, with prices starting from $590 per pair, we generally prefer to trial semi-customized orthotics first. This way, you can be confident that your customized orthotics will be correct for many years to come and still be comfortable.

If you are unsure whether you really need orthotics or what type of orthotics suits you, call us to make an appointment and we can help you understand your gait and lower limbs. By seeing us you can be assured we will not put you into orthotics unless you need them, and in most cases, we will use affordable semi-customized orthotics.

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