Phenolisation technique:

1. Apply digital tourniquet:

Picture-1-300x241 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

2. Split nail with English Nail Splitter to level of eponychium:

Picture-2-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

3. Split proximal nail plate with #61 chisel-tip blade:

Picture-3-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

4. Free nail plate from nail bed with chisel:

Picture-4-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

5. Grasp entire nail section with haemostat:

Picture-5-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

6. Remove nail section – rotate towards midline of nail and gently pull nail free:

Picture-6-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

7. Dry nail sulcus before application of phenol:

Picture-7-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

8. Remove excess phenol from applicators:

Picture-8-300x226 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

9. Apply phenol – rotate towards midline of nail:

Picture-9-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

10. Apply for 60 seconds (by convention 3 x 20 secs):

Picture-10-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

11. Remove excess phenol from wound with alcohol-wipe & remove tourniquet:

Picture-11-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

12. Immediately post-op appearance:

Picture-12-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

13. Dress with BetadineTM ung, sterile gauze and MicroporeTM tape:

Picture-13a-300x226 Nail Surgery - PhenolisationPicture-13b-300x226 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

14. Apply dressing:

Picture-14a Nail Surgery - PhenolisationPicture-14b-300x225 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

Phenol aftercare:

  • Normal shoes
  • Showers OK
  • After 12-24 hrs remove the bandage and place toe under running water for 1-2 minutes, 1-2 times a day for the next 7 days.
  • Squeeze the toe for any excess drainage and dry well with sterile gauze.
  • Apply bactigras gauze dressing and secure with paper tape /cutiplast after each soak. Alternatively, you can apply betadine ointment and cutiplast after each soak.
  • If you see more redness, pus drainage please call the office 9258 4152.

Picture-15 Nail Surgery - Phenolisation

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