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What is Reflexology?Tanya-2019 Reflexology

It is a form of healing based on the premise that a mirror image of the body is reflected in the feet (and hands). Reflexology points on the feet (or hands) are massaged to promote healing and relaxation. Reflexology is a holistic form of therapy, as subtle changes occur in the body on physical, mental & emotional levels.

How Does Reflexology Work?

The body is divided into 10 zones which travel from the head to the fingers and toes. Stress, toxins and illness create blockages in these zones inhibiting the flow of energy. These blockages also manifest in the corresponding reflex points in the feet (and hands) as tiny crystals in the nerve endings. Stimulating these congested reflexes, through various techniques, dissolves the crystals simultaneously clearing the blockages in the zones of the body as they respond to the stimulus and thus flow of energy is restored.

Tanya Pfitzner holds qualifications in Bowen Therapy & Reflexology; she has been operating her private practice since November 1999 in between having a family.

After completing the Practitioner level in Fascial Kinetics and having such amazing results she continued on to complete other modalities to compliment Bowen Therapy such as Emmett Technique, Nerve Dynamics, Hormonal Dynamics and Happy Feet.

Tanya is the Principal of Fascial Kinetics International, and instructs Bowen Therapy through the Bowen School of WA.

Registered Member of the Bowen Therapist Federation of Australian

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