What is Podiatry?

Podiatrists offer professional diagnosis and provide treatment for Foot, Ankle and related Lower Limb problems. Podiatrists are sometime referred to as “foot doctors” as they focus on feet and how they affect the whole lower limb biomechanics. Below is a list of common issues that Foot Focus Podiatry treat.


Corns and calluses
• Toenails – ingrown/thickened/deformed/fungal
• Diabetes/Impaired circulation assessments
Plantar fasciitis/heel spur
Claw toes
Morton’s Neuroma
• Arthritis
• Achy/Tired feet
Footwear advice
Blisters (Best Blister Prevention by Engo)


• Sprains
• Poor Balance
• Tendonitis
• Achilles
• Arthritis
• Heel Pain (heal pain by apodc)


• Leg length discrepancies
• Shin splints
• Tendonitis
• Knee, hip and back pain
• Leg cramps

You can find more information, pamphlets and brochures at the Australasian Podiatry Council’s Website.

To practice in Western Australia, podiatrists must have a University, Bachelor of Applied Science degree and be registered with the Podiatrists Registration Board of Australia.

At Foot Focus, our Podiatrists are not only fully qualified and registered, but have increased their skills and knowledge base with additional courses to enhance our service to you. 

View more about these courses on our Benefits of Choosing Foot Focus Podiatry page.


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