Customised orthotics

Fully customised casted functional orthotics are available for those that present with severe foot-types i.e. if your feet over pronate (roll in) or supinate (roll out).

Generally we prefer to still be guided by trialling a semi-customised orthotic which can be altered by adding various wedges and padding.   This way we can be confident your orthotics will be correct for many years and totally comfortable.

ffp-orthotics-300x170 Customised orthotics

Foot Focus is passionate about improving orthotic outcomes & patient satisfaction and this is why we use semi-customised orthotics most of the time prior to going casted orthotics.

The advantage of using semi-customised orthoses prior to going fully customised orthotics are the following:

  • essential for tricky feet – prescription aid
  • better outcome / satisfaction for YOU-
    • you know what the end orthotic will feel like – they will be comfortable all day when wearing them and will last for years
    • you can fit them in all the shoes you want to wear – no surprises
    • shoe wear patterns improve
  • better results for the PODIATRIST-
    • muscles are less tight and sore
    • joints are gliding better and holding good position

Ankle and Foot Orthotics

In some cases a ankle/foot orthotic is required.

ankle_400 Customised orthotics

mix-2 Customised orthotics

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