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Dr Reza Naraghi is a specialist podiatric foot surgeon who operated in Perth.  He is a member of The Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons and has over 20 years’ experience.  Podiatry Foot Surgery is devoted to the study, diagnosis and medical or surgical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremities.  Reza’s experience and studies allow him to have a greater depth of knowledge and understanding when dealing with structural issues of the feet and common podiatry complaints that require a surgical opinion.

Dr Naraghi practices all aspects of podiatry and is knowledgeable about all approaches to your foot and ankle problems.  This enables him to consult with you about non-surgical approaches prior to any foot surgery.  We have been privileged to have Reza work at Foot Focus Podiatry in Perth since 2007.  Foot Focus Podiatry prides itself on being able to offer the full spectrum of podiatry from all conservative to foot surgery treatment options.

Foot surgery has markedly improved over recent years.  Modern techniques are utilized enabling pain to be completely controlled in most cases with positive long-term results.

A referral is not required to obtain a surgical opinion and consult appointments are currently available at:

Foot Surgery at Foot Focus Podiatry Perth for:

Where conservative treatment has failed for ingrown toenails and wart treatment then surgery can be performed in the rooms at Foot Focus Podiatry.  Ingrown toenails and warts surgery can be performed on your initial appointment if pre-arranged.

Other related podiatry foot surgery consultations:

These consultations can take place north or south of Perth at either Foot Focus Podiatry (9258 4152) or Advanced Foot Surgery Centre in Kallaroo (9307 4222).

Foot Surgery can be organised at various hospitals depending on your proximity and your case needs.  Reza is a registered podiatrist foot surgeon (feet surgeon) with surgical privileges at various places that include Westminster Day Surgery Centre, Southbank Day Surgery and Park Private Hospital.

Day Surgery:

Most foot surgery is performed on a day-case basis under local or general anaesthesia.  This means you are able to go home the same day as your foot surgery in most circumstances.  Use of local anaesthesia has a lower risk than general anaesthesia.  The decision of local or general anaesthesia depends on the required procedure and your health.  This will be discussed during your pre-operative consultation.


Private health insurance rebates for costs associated with Podiatry Foot Surgery are available. The exact amount will vary based on your level of cover and health fund.  We will provide you with an estimate of the surgery costs in advance.  Please contact your insurance provider for exact coverage.

Further Details on Dr Reza Naraghi Podiatric Foot Surgeon in Perth

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New York College of Podiatric Medicine Academic Scholarship, 1996 – 2000

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Pi Delta National Podiatry Honour Society, 2000

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Dean’s List, 1996 – 2000

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