Semi-customised Orthotics

Affordable semi-customised orthotics ($55-139) are customised off-the-shelf orthotics (arch supports / prefabricated orthotics) which are easily adjusted on the spot to your individual requirements using various wedges and padding. We use both Xline and Synxsole orthotics. Foot Focus is passionate about improving orthotic outcomes & patient satisfaction and this is why we use customised off-the-shelf orthotics most of the time for the following reasons:

  • can help any foot type or poor biomechanics
  • immediate intervention for your symptoms
  • guide us to determine whether orthotics help your knee, hip or back pain
  • more realistic biomechanical change than strapping
  • prescription aid for casted customised orthotics – another piece of the puzzle to help us get your orthotic right for years should you need orthotics for the rest of your life

The advantage of using customised off-the-shelf orthotics prior to going fully customised orthotics are the following:

  • casted orthotics are often not required
  • better outcome / satisfaction for YOU-
    • your symptoms are reducing
    • you know what the end orthotic will feel like – they will be comfortable for years
    • you can fit them in all the shoes you want to wear – no surprises
    • shoe wear patterns improve
  • better results for the PODIATRIST-
    • muscles are less tight and sore
    • joints are gliding better and holding good position
    • casted othoses should last for many years if you get it right the 1st time
    • prescription aid for customised orthotics


As featured on Channel Ten’s hit new TV show ‘Shark Tank’,  Synxsole® orthotics (Synx Sole – Keep your body in synx) are available at Foot Focus Podiatry in Wilson, Perth, WA.

Synxsole®  (Synx Sole) orthotics are a product that Foot Focus podiatrists use. These off-the-shelf orthotics when adjusted are often sufficient to correct most biomechanical issues which in turn will relieve your symptoms and prevent problems later in life.  

Our podiatrist are trained to assess your biomechanics and make adjustments to these devices to fully suit you.  This is performed by adding appropriate wedges, padding, domes in the correct positions that optimise efficient foot and whole body function.  This will in turn help relieve foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip and lower back pain related to your dysfunctional foot posture.

Synxsole®  (Synx Sole) orthoses are also used to trial a prescription first before we proceed to more permanent fully customised casted orthotics.  This is important in making sure your orthotics are the right ones for you for years!

Synxsole® Practitioner orthoses, through the synx-Rx® system, allows the practitioner to trial and modify the patient’s prescription within the consult, saving time and money. The synxsole® orthotic is fully customisable to the patient’s needs.

For how Synxsole® may help you – talk to us! 

Synxsole® was designed and founded by two Australian podiatrists in 2011, Marie Ishak-Lewis & Rachael Nash-Ferguson. Rachael worked at Foot Focus prior to commencing her own podiatry business and becoming Managing Director at Synx Sole Pty Ltd.

We are located in Perth (south of the river) in Wilson, which is neighboured by Curtin University, Como, Manning, South Perth, Victoria Park, Bentley, St James, Cannington / Carousel, Riverton, Shelley, Ferndale, Lynwood, Parkwood, Willetton and surrounding suburbs.

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