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Bunion Treatment in Perth

Do you suffer from painful bunions?  Do your bunions stop you from normal daily activities?  Please read on for how we can help you.

Bunion (Hallux Valgus), is one of the most common forefoot problems.  It is a prominent bump on the inside of the foot around the big toe joint.  This bump can rub inside shoes causing pain and inflammation.

Bunion treatment depends on the severity of the condition.  The discomfort of mild bunions can be relieved by simply changing shoes, medication, orthotics and physical therapy . Surgical treatment is usually reserved for cases that do not respond well to these measures.

We advise seeing one of our general podiatrists first for a complete medical and biomechanical assessment and explanation of any conservative treatments that may be performed prior to seeking a surgical opinion.

Surgery to treat bunions (see examples 1 and 2 below) is often used for severe cases, or after conservative treatment has been ineffective.  There are several different surgical options available, depending on the cause and symptoms of the bunion.  Dr Naraghi has research publications in bunion surgery and management. A New Measure of Tibial Sesamoid Position in Hallux Valgus in Relation to the Coronal Rotation of the First Metatarsal in CT Scans is one of the researches that he has co-authored and supervised has led a new classification system for assessment and management of bunion deformity worldwide. The results perhaps explain why certain bunions re-occur as a result of not addressing the frontal plane rotation of the first metatarsal. The hallux abducto valgus or bunion is a deformity that occurs in three planes. Many previous surgical approaches address this deformity in one or two planes and hence why some bunion corrections do reoccur.  As a result of this research, many patents for new surgical techniques for management of bunions were developed. Dr Naraghi can explain and discuss the best surgical approach for correction of your bunions.  Dr Naraghi will also take into consideration any shoe limitation or aesthetic concerns you may have.

Reza will also help you decide which procedure will be most effective for your individual condition after evaluating your medical history and x-ray images.

Bunion surgery has come a long way and most people are able to walk on their feet immediately after surgery with no need for crutches or casts.  Recovery time and pain from bunion surgery depends on the individual patient and the complexity of the procedure, however most patients report minimal pain, are back to wearing normal shoes and return to their usual activities within 4 weeks.

Before and after Bunion Surgery example #1:

Bunion-surgery-1-300x194 Bunion / Hallux Valgus

Before and after Bunion Surgery example #2:


Bunion-surgery-2-e1582526790983-300x173 Bunion / Hallux ValgusBunion-surgery-4-e1570756348949-300x275 Bunion / Hallux Valgus


Bunion-surgery-3-e1582526677571-300x254 Bunion / Hallux ValgusBunion-surgery-5-e1570756383453-203x300 Bunion / Hallux Valgus

Before and after Bunion Surgery example #3:

Bunion-before-e1593135271573 Bunion / Hallux ValgusBunion-after-e1593138382552 Bunion / Hallux Valgus

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