Orthotics (arch supports / shoe inserts) in Perth at Foot Focus Podiatry

We are different when it comes to orthotics, sometimes referred to as orthoses, arch supports, shoe inserts or shoe insoles.

  • All of our podiatrists have completed Advanced Orthotic therapy courses giving us comprehensive understanding of how orthotics (shoe inserts) are made. This ensures greater individualisation when making your orthotics rather than mass producing them.
  • We will never cast you on the first visit for expensive orthotics. We will trial affordable semi customised orthotics ($55-90) first to make sure we have it correct.
  • We don’t believe orthotics will solve all your problems if you don’t address your muscles and joints. Our podiatrists have completed further training in advanced biomechanics, soft-tissue techniques, manual techniques, joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy etc.
  • We will only prescribe custom orthotics once we know your semi customised orthotics are correct and if you need orthotics long term or it is more cost effective in the long run.

The big question is where are your foot / leg problems originating from – your feet, your back or even your neck?  This is what we try to determine with our assessment tools by treating you as a whole person not just assessing you from the knee down.

We want you to be totally happy long term if you go orthotics shoe insert in Perth and know they are doing the right thing for your whole body. We can even assess whether your orthoses are helping your pelvis position which will in turn let us know whether they may help your back.  Brent has a keen interest in this and uses a Digital Pelvic Inclinometer (DPI). Please refer to below on how this works.

Before you go searching for orthotics in Perth, please check out our must read orthotics blog to explain why we are so different and also see our Orthotic page for more information and links.

We are located in Perth (south of the river) in Wilson, which is neighboured by Curtin University, Como, Manning, South Perth, Victoria Park, Bentley, St James, Cannington / Carousel, Riverton, Shelley, Ferndale, Lynwood, Parkwood, Willetton and surrounding suburbs.

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