Verrucae/wart curettage surgery step by step technique:


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Please note multiple warts under the ball of the forefoot resistant to previous acid and liquid nitrogen therapy.  Debridement of the wart/verrucae showing pinpoint bleeding which confirms the lesion as a wart.


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After achieving regional ankle block anesthesia and preparing the foot with betadine and chlorhexidine solution, the curette is inserted surrounding the wart. The curette guides us to remove the wart at the epidermal/dermal layer not violating the dermis hence minimizing the chance of scarring.


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The warts are curetted and phenol is applied to base of wound.  We find this gives the best chance of the wart not reoccurring.


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Normal bleeding takes place after wart curettage.  Following this, the wound is dressed appropriately and a review appointment is made.



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